Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hangin still

A lazy day here; I was lazy and enjoyed it. I've had on and off again moments of anxiety though. I stretched and burned and could walk limp less. I sat down, flexed the leg and got up only to find I couldn't straighten the leg enough to walk without a limp. Frustrated. Rethinking and calming down. I just read in the paper that Tiger Woods had to rehab for o8 months for an ACL repair.

I need to think about that when I get frustrated. He just had a repair. I got a whole new knee with all the cut muscles that go along with the procedure. I need a high dose of patience.

I stayed outside on the patio a little this afternoon. I took my laptop to the patio table and turned on the tv out there. The weather was awesome. Carrie came to visit and she and Poppy cleaned her pool and got it ready to refill. She told us she wouldn't be staying with us anymore. She said she would now just "visit". When she got ready to leave she told us she would "visit" again tomorrow. I miss having her here. I may have to go pick her up and have her spend some days here.

Hubby may have a job on Monday. If he goes and is staying at a hotel, I'm going along. I'm going only if the hotel has a pool and a jacuzzi. I can use it for exercise. We shall see what happens on Monday.
For some reason I can't begin to understand, the urge for a little cigarette was strong today and more then once or twice. I held out and did not succumb to the urge. I don't want to be a smoker. I don't want to pay 5.00 a pack. I don't want to have to go outside in the heat/cold to smoke. I don't want to smell smoke on my clothes.....
Ok..I think that will do it for now. Naming a few reasons why I don't want to smoke helps sometimes.
And since I just bought it up, of course that's what I'm thinking about right now. I'm going to bed. I'm not going to think about them again!

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