Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

Dinner served, eggs hidden and found and we are now awaiting the storm that is scheduled through here at any minute. Storm warnings are being forecast on the TV. The trees are bending, swaying and whipping in the wind right now. Large hail is forecast so we have the vehicles under the carport. We'll have our ears tuned to the TV for any signs of tornadoes coming through. Nobody here has basements so I don't know what precautions one would take for a tornado other then staying home. Basements are not done in this part of the country and most people here have never even seen or been in a basement. The water table is too high for basements.

I'm ready to take two Percosets and become friends once again with that 10lb bag of potatoes but I think I'll wait till that storm passes. I would hate to be "under the influence" if a tornado should touch down close by.

I can just imagine being interviewed by the local news station and when questioned about where I was when the tornado struck and I replied "I was sitting under a 10lb bag of potatoes". Wipe that silly grin off your face. "It's the Percoset: I really don't think tornadoes are funny."

VIDEOS and PICTURES: Posted for family viewing.

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