Friday, April 24, 2009

Margarita Time

Last night I had a brilliant idea. I've been looking for ways to do some flexion exercises on my leg. In the past with other surgeries on it, I would lay on the sofa and hang my leg over the arm of that sofa and let the weight of the leg pull the leg down. I find I can't do this with the sofa I have and the chairs in this house don't allow this either.

The brilliant idea I had last night was to lay on the king size bed on my back with my head toward the foot of the bed. I then scooted up and placed my feet on the wall above the bed. I don't have a headboard on this bed so I could use the wall to do slides. I let my legs slide down the wall a little at a time. I would stay for few minutes and then slide my feet down a little more. The burn and the pain told me I was stretching the muscles. At the end of this exercise, I couldn't move my legs to the side to get out of this position. It hurt! This is to get my leg to flex or 'bend'. This morning as usual I felt muscle pain when I got out of bed but I assumed it was just the normal soreness I felt each morning. The problem is, it never got better as the day progressed. We went to a few stores this morning to look for flowers for the mailbox garden. I could barely walk. I took a Percoset which did little to relieve the pain when I tried walking. I finally realized toward the late afternoon the why of the pain I was having.
I feel better knowing the why. You think there is something wrong with the appliance and you get nervous. You feel as though you have lost any progress and advancement you have attained in the past weeks so knowing the why offers a huge amount of relief. I also know I won't be doing much walking today and very little exercising.
I will be doing more wall slides but it won't be today.
The mailbox garden got planted today. Carrie helped. She stayed with us to plant the garden and then did some pool time. It's a beautiful day here. Maybe tomorrow I won't be so sore and can enjoy the weekend.
12 bands are playing downtown tonight for Festival Internationale. Maybe we will go for a while. Right now the steaks are on the grill and I'm sipping a Margarita. Ah, it IS a good day!

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