Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Early Start

0530 here and I've peeled the potatoes and have them submerged in water, put together the green bean casserole and have the hot rolls in the muffin tin rising. I'm ahead. I like to get most of the prep work done in advance. I don't like to be stressed for holiday meals.

I now need to sit on the floor with my 10lbs of potatoes and weigh that knee down. I didn't get it to a "lock" position but it did get so straight that there was absolutely no limp when I walked. Of course since then I have flexed it so I don't know how extended I can get it this morning without the weight of the potatoes. Between the potatoes as weight and the frozen peas as an ice pack, I may never look at veggies in the same way again.

Since I'm having family for dinner, I have to get my exercises done early or miss them altogether.
Stretch and burn time!

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