Thursday, April 16, 2009

Normal? Not Quite

I planted some flowers yesterday. This is a sure sign that my life might be getting back a little of the normalcy I used to enjoy. I'm tired of sitting around and doing nothing. There are so many little things I need and want to do around here. I also bought some paint. I guess it doesn't matter if it takes a week to get a room painted. I won't be able to do things as fast as I once did them but slower doesn't mean it won't get done. It just means it will get done at a slower rate.

This weekend is supposed to be full of rain and more rain. I won't be painting anything if I wait to do it this weekend. I plan on being busy today but right now I"m going to get a quick shower, get dressed and put my walking shoes on and do a block or two or more. It will help loosen the knee up. I think walking is the best exercise I could do for it.
And on another note, the effects of the global recession are beginning to creep into this part of the country. It's only effecting the exploration and new searches for oil. That has virtually came to a halt. The producing wells are still going but have laid off a lot of the contract or ancillary help. Yep. It's arriving here finally.
The young generation of oil field workers who have never been through a down swing are now experiencing this for the first time. Few of them put any of their money away. They had no clue that it would ever end. This is a lesson they had to learn by actually living it. This is only the start of it. I expect it to get worse in the coming year.
And on that depressing note, I'm going for a walk!

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