Friday, April 17, 2009

Stormin and Stretching

I can hear the thunder from here in the office. Carrie is using my laptop in the living room and Ted is using the other laptop in the bedroom. We are connected!

I am taking a break. I have been using 16.5 lbs of weight on my knee and I have major burn going on right now. I also have a straight leg and no limp when I go for a test drive on it. I just wish it would stay this way after I flex the leg. I'll be doing more of this all weekend and by Monday I will be able to determine if it is working.

I think it's time to get Carrie in bed. Her little eyes are just slits now. She yawns and starts to sway; she jerks herself awake and chatters to keep herself alert. I'm going to turn on the TV in the bedroom to some cartoons and let her relax herself to sleep. She hugs me as I carry her to the bedroom and whispers "I love you Nanny". I hold her tightly enjoying the feel of her arms around my neck, her breath on my cheek. Sweetness!

We watched TV for a little while. She yawns some more. When I touched the button to turn the TV off, I heard her whisper "Thank you Nanny. Thank you for turning the TV off." Another yawn and a hand squeeze and Carrie was asleep. I slipped out of bed and came back to the living room. I plan on doing more weights on my knee.

Hoping this finds everyone where they are expected to be tonight; or with some very good excuse for not being there. ;-)

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