Friday, May 1, 2009

A Little Bit of Today

Carrie visited for a while today. She stayed while her mother ran some errands. This weekend she will be with her dad.
Yearly physical exam out of the way today; some tests ordered. I plan on getting doctor's visits out of the way in the next few weeks.
I was talking to a friend "J" this morning who told me this story.
"J" was at a grocery store in line behind a young mother with her two children. When the total for the groceries rang up, the young mother started crying. She didn't have enough cash to pay for all the groceries. The cashier offered to let her write a check but J could tell the woman couldn't write a check; no money in the bank. J asked the cashier how much was needed.
"J" paid the $5.40. She walked with the young lady to her Denali. J said she could tell that this young lady had never had to experience the need for money. The young lady told J that her husband had lost his job in the oil industry and hadn't been able to find another job. She said they had used all their savings and now their house was going to go into foreclosure.

Yep, the bad economic times are beginning to show here. The slowdown has arrived. The coming year or years are going to be a rough few . When the oil boom was on, a tremendous amount of new home construction followed. Many new businesses, motels, and hotels were built along with restaurants and retail businesses. Soon that will slow down also. And some here said it wouldn't happen. I just smiled and nodded.
Tonight we are having Chef's Salads. YUM! A cool meal for a hot day.

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