Friday, April 24, 2009

Travel Interruptus

Oh my! I"ve followed your blog and recognized your excitement. I've read your posts about your feelings regarding his trip and your plans. He is finally visiting. You have waited so long for this moment. You say you have his itenary? You are to pick him up at the airport. I'm sure you will have a lot of site seeing to do. He is from another country and will want to see as much as he can on this visit.

I know that this is his 3rd planned trip to the USA and the prior two trips had to be cancelled. What luck huh? I think he must be the unluckiest traveler ever! I have friends that have been to Europe many times and not once have they had to cancel their trips. I too made a trip to Europe and didn't have to cancel and reschedule. I can't imagine his disappointment each time he had to cancel his trips. Maybe this time will be the lucky trip in that it comes to fruition.

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