Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday, Busy Thursday

Another spring day in SW Louisiana. Warm, not hot, and no humidity. Perfect! And for an extra treat we have a 20mph breeze.

I went shopping for more flowers today . I didn't find anything at Wally World and I didn't make it to Home Depot to look for some. I wanted hubby to plant the mailbox garden with some bright cheery flowers. I did buy some more weed and feed to dose the yard again. It is in really good shape this summer with hardly any weeds but the few that are there I want to address.

I got out the spreader and loaded it up and walked the lawn both front and back. Then I got the lawn tractor out and zipped around the yard giving it it's weekly grooming.

My car got a nice bath today too. Did I mention that I've been busy?

I'm also gathering up the things I need to start a painting project. I need to get moving. I'm done waiting on myself to heal. This healing will be in progress for the next year so I may as well do what I can during that time.

Festival International is in full swing here. We haven't been downtown to hear any of the music yet. That might be a weekend thing to do.
Right now we are watching documentries on the Katrina/New Orleans disaster. I sat here within 2 1/2 hrs away from N.O. when all that went down. A strange time!
Visiting New Orleans 4 months afterwards was a sad sight.

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