Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

It's a hazy Saturday. Nice and quiet and kidless. Sometimes that's a good thing. A chance to do nothing but relax. I laced up my walking shoes and walked a couple of blocks or more this morning. By the time I got back I had developed a stride that looked normal. I'm still stretching; this can go without saying for the next 6 months I'm sure.
I've bought a spiral honey ham for dinner tomorrow, some fresh broccoli, mashed potatoes and hot rolls. Not a big meal; a meal easy to do and one that creates little mess to clean up. I'm into being casual for Easter.
Daughter will hide some Easter eggs in the back yard for the kids and I'll be in charge of the camera. Beware. There will be pictures coming. There is a big storm forecast for tomorrow. It is supposed to bring tornadoes with it so that might force some changes in the outdoor Easter activities.
I swallowed two Percosets. I don't usually take two but I knew I was going to need both of them. As soon as I could feel the effects of those pills, I sat on the floor with both legs extended and dragged the 10lb bag of potatoes over. Potatoes have always been a favorite of mine. I may not feel the same way about potatoes after this. I put the 10 lb bag of spuds over my knee and gasped. Even with two Percosets on board, I could still feel the burn. Laying my head on the coffee table, I took some deep breaths and stayed with it. After a few minutes, I flexed the knee and then back to full extension. This will be my new exercise for the next week or until I run out of Percosets~
Stretch and burn!

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