Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Freedom

Today Carrie rode her tricycle down the driveway where she made a hard left turn and entered onto the sidewalk that runs along the front of our yard. She rode to the next driveway where she turned around and rode back to our driveway. She did this a couple of times then after those few times she didn't turn back when she reached the driveway next door. She continued on down the sidewalk and soon we had to go get her and have her turn around.

This may not seem like a big deal to anyone but it is to me. This was her first trip alone. She ventured forth on her own today. This is the start of freedom.This is her first taste of adventure and freedom on her own wheels.

It wasn't that long ago that she couldn't reach the pedals on her trike. She didn't know how to turn the handlebars to make it go where she needed to go. She couldn't dodge the flower pots; she would plow right into them. She would stand astride the trike with her feet on the ground and lift the trike to turn it in the direction she needed to go. I watched today as she cut between the brick pillars; a tight squeeze to make it through. She uses the pedals for brakes and stands on them to stop the trike. The trike goes into a slide as she jams on the brakes. She has conquered her first set of wheels and her first trip alone. It was a memorable afternoon and a sad one for me.

I had to explain to hubby how and why I felt a bit sad to see her doing so well on her trike. Too soon she will move away from us too. Everything moves too fast. Everyone moves too fast.

Right now she is a learning sponge. She watches as we do something she had never seen nor done. She is getting a lesson. Soon she takes that lesson and does it on her own. She is receptive to teaching. Most of the time she acquiesce to our rules. I say "most of the time". There are times when she insists on doing it her way; when our rules are not her wishes. We cope. We explain and gently insist. We don't use bully tactics just because we are bigger or at least not until we have explained the "why" . Usually it doesn't take bullying to get her to do things our way. I realize she is only 3 yrs old but she is a miniature big person. She understands. She may not have a lot of life experiences but she can understand reason.

Right now I have her in the tub and she is waiting on me to go play with the hand puppets with her. I must hurry. Too soon she will be too old for make believe puppets too. Good night for now.

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