Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Strike a Pose

This is what you get when Carrie allows her picture taken now. She has to pose and pose she does! I'm just wondering where she gets the "poses". Maybe we should check the magazines she subscribes to.

Poppie fixed Carrie's doll. Now the doll has a "bad knee" and a "good" knee.

I made it to the surgeon's office today to pick up the script for the pain meds. I left his office and went to a PT center and talked to the physical therapist there. I decided I would use the 'script for therapy and had them check my insurance. My insurance will only pay for inpatient therapy. That means I would have to check myself into a Rehab hospital and stay there for the entire time I would be in therapy.
The therapist called me later to tell me he would accept me on a 1/2 pay basis. Meaning I would pay for the therapy but only 1/2 the rate they would have charged the insurance company. I'm seriously considering signing up for a couple of weeks of therapy and I'll pay for it.
I'll be making a decision on this soon.

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