Saturday, April 17, 2010

Up and At Em and Saturday Early morn

Last night I slept. The night before that I left the sofa at 0100 hrs and climbed into bed where I wrestled with pillows and blanket for 3 hours. Finally I dragged myself into my chair beside the bed and backed it out into the room, twirled it around and headed back to the sofa.
I did go back to sleep but only in sporadic short lengths of time and I knew that day was going to be a day of sluggishness. I don't know if it's because I have to wear this night splint on my foot or it's because of this cold that is hanging on but sleeping has been an unattainable goal for me. Thankfully, I can sleep anytime during the day but that day I spent gallivanting around and didn't get to nap so last night I slept the night away. Tired is a good thing sometimes.
The husband made it home last night around 2200 hrs after a 7 hr. drive through lots of rain. He is on alert for another job in Oklahoma and may have to leave today so as soon as he got home, he made a dash for the laundry room where he started laundering his clothes. He must be ready in case the call comes to leave again.
I've been watching in awe the Iceland volcanic eruption of ash and the effect it is having on some of the European countries. I would rather sleep in airports and wait then chance climbing aboard a plane in these conditions. Some people interviewed are complaining; I would not be one.
Then there is the funeral for the leaders of Poland that were lost in that plane crash. That country must be devastated.
Another cup of coffee and a little CNN and I'll be ready to face the day.
Who would have thought that a shower would be anticipated with such excitement? I dreaded this part of daily care after this surgery but it has been one of the easiest parts of this confinement. The shower chair that was borrowed has meant that I look forward to a leisurely time spent in there and something I actually look to with a touch of excitement. I don't rush my shower any longer. I take my time using the body brush and body wash that leaves behind a sweet aroma. I used to rush through that shower so I could get dressed and on with my day. Times have definitely changed. I'm in no hurry. Skin lotions were neglected pre surgery but that has changed to. Pre and post surgery, a spritz of perfume was as common as brushing my teeth every morning and that hasn't changed. I never feel dressed without a perfume to wear. With some people it's jewelry but with me it's fragrance.
I leave the foot splint off now when I'm on the sofa. I flex and extend the foot to keep it movable, exercising it as ordered. The incision site is healing nicely. Another battle scar of life and living will be added to the collection that adorns parts of my body. I don't let the scars bother me. I'm more into function then appearance and I will gladly welcome another scar if it allows this foot to return to normal painless movement.
I'm happy the husband is back home and if he doesn't get called out for a week or so, I won't mourn.
It's time for my bowl of Cheerios.

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  1. I think you slept well because of the day's activity which was more than usual for you wasn't it?
    I agree with you about not wanting to get on an aircraft anytime soon. My flight today was cancelled and instead of going on standby I've cancelled the trip altogether. I'd rather wait till I'm happy the skies are safe before venturing onto a plane again.


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