Tuesday, April 13, 2010

If I Did

post it might be filled with frustration and complaints. Another day and another day of the same. I'm actually looking forward to the trip to the shower where I can sit on the little shower bench and let the warm water pour down upon me. I can look forward to leaving that shower feeling better then when I entered it. How many ways are there to describe boredom? Maybe it's the "trapped" feeling that has me spinning.

I do the occasional trip to Walmart. Today I had to make that trip again to pick up yet another cell phone. It's a "smartphone" and if that doesn't mean a thing to you then don't feel bad because it doesn't mean a thing to me either. The grandson was impressed and spent hours messing with all the functions on it. He wanted to trade his phone to me for my new phone. I think it has all the bells and whistles that the kids crave. It has a qwerty keyboard and if I was inclined to text, I would find it much easier to use then the standard phone pads. It has a touch pad that displays icons intended to make maneuvering through it easier and it also came with a book. Not a pamphlet, but a book and that tells me this might take days to conquer the use of this phone.

I need to find a hobby that I can do while sprawled on the sofa. Another 4 weeks of this and my brain will be mush. I can't imagine what the muscles covering my body will resemble. It ain't gonna be pretty.

I'm going to take my cold and my cell phone book to bed for some late night reading. I started a sentence or two of this blog earlier in the evening but didn't get to finish till bedtime. I'm a bit scattered?

.....and I'm done.


  1. I get periods of boredom so I understand how you're feeling...but just tell yourself it won't be forever...although it probably feels that way at the moment.
    I can't be doing with all these new clever phones..I'd never cope. I always buy the simplest of phones..which are usually the long as I can phone or send text messages..that suits me fine!

  2. I agree on the phone thing! 4 weeks and two days remainding in the phase of my healing. I just read your blog and love hearing about the country and it's rules etc. Post pics with descriptions of what we are seeing. It's an education on your country.


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