Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Festival Acadian

A Tuesday. Another one and I'm grateful for each day I can face the sunshine.

Check this out. This is a blog from someone here in Cajun Country!

It details the upcoming Festival. I may have to find someone to roll me around this weekend!

I got an early start this morning and the best of the handicap parking in front of the door at Walmart. Walmart you say? Well, yes! It's really the best place for me to shop because of the little electric carts just inside the door. I used crutches to get to them and then zoomed around picking up what I needed. The key is to "go early".

I'm ready to continue my nap that was rudely interrupted by a phone call!


  1. I would love to see that!! My hubbie has been to Cajun Country. He said it was so fun with the food and music and a little African American boy dancing like nothing he had ever seen. I also want a benyay. I know that's not how to spell it but I don't know the real way and I'm too lazy to look it up. Have one for me if you go.

  2. Joan: beignet.....yes! There is a French bakery less then 1 mile from my house and if you stop in early enough, you can have a beignet but you have to get there early as they go quickly.
    I make it to this festival to have Banana Foster. OH YUMMY! The bands are charge to see them and it's all outdoors. Hoping for good weather this weekend!


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