Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I've been awake since 0400, a time much too early when I have long days of inactivity. Today I visit the podiatrist/surgeon for him to check the wound site. He may replace this splint I'm wearing with something different. Would it be too much to hope that it would be one that I could remove while bathing so that I could submerge this foot in some warm soapy water? I'm sure the dried skin is beginning to look like fish scales on that leg.
In two more days, it will be 3 weeks post op with another 5 weeks of non weight bearing. Not half way there yet which is disappointing. I dislike wishing my life away and that's what it feels as though I'm doing. I think I may set a goal for myself. To read some literature that I've missed; some classics. I've already started one and with this goal in mind, I'll be more engrossed in my goal and not the time wasted on being confined to this sofa.
Yesterday I made it to the hair dressers where I had my hair shortened and layered making it easier to shampoo and style. When Ted was here the other night, he was in the office at the computer where I have a mirror, blow dryer, hairspray and brushes arranged on the keyboard shelf. He moved all the appliances to the floor so he could use the keyboard and spend some time online. Later when I went in there to do my hair, the round hairbrush was not to be found and I feared it had been knocked off and was behind the CPU which is tucked into a tight place in this cabinet. If the CPU has to be pulled from it's snug fit, a cable comes unplugged causing one to have to crawl to it and replace the cable. This morning I tried to retrieve that hairbrush and sure enough, the cable became disconnected from pulling the CPU out of it's cubby and since I couldn't get down on my hands and knees to reach way back into the niche for that cable, I had to go get the spaghetti noodle stirrer and use the prongs on it to reach back and snag that cable and pull it forward, plug it in and then slide the CPU back into place. I would have been unable to get online with this cable disconnected. I was none too happy about all this. It's not a matter of walking to the kitchen and back to the office. It's being in the wheelchair; it's the extra effort needed to do anything. Normally when the kids visit, I can get things back in place easily but now everything is a chore, takes 3 times as long to do as usual and it's easier to have no one around that I will have to fix, find or correct anything that happens while they are here. I did get that hairbrush.
I'm hoping the daughter remembers her promise to be here this morning for the drive to the doctor's appointment. I'll be prepared just in case she forgets. I'll load my chair into the back of my car an hour before the appointment which will allow me time to get there on time should I have to drive myself.
It might be time to get that shower and get dressed although it's only 0730 here. Allotting more time then needed decreases the need to rush and rushing around on crutches is not safe so I don't.
A scrambled egg breakfast maybe first on my morning list. I'm hungry. I'm done.

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  1. Its rough to be confined in any way, especially if you're normally an active person, you'll get through it, we always do, but damn, it makes your world feel so very small.

    The round brush!!???

    Have. got. to . have. the. the. round. brush.

    Congrats on your ingenuity!


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