Wednesday, April 7, 2010

3 Wks.Post Op/Doc Visit

OMG, my heel looks like a big ole slab of something. A new splint was placed today and this one I can remove to exercise my foot and when in the shower. I'll get to soak that foot in the bath tub and lotion the leg after a bath. I won't see the doctor for 3 wks and at that time, I'll have only two more weeks non weight bearing.
This new splint costs 300.00. I'm just astounded at the prices here for this stuff. I still have to have a walking boot which will be another 500.00. All I can say is I'm thankful the husband has a good job and there goes the sports car.
I picked up a handicapped sticker after this visit. The doctor filled out a form which had to be hand carried to the Dept. Of Motor Vehicles. We took a number and had a wait of about 45 minutes. Sticker obtained, we had to move to another window to have a pictured ID made for the verification of the sticker. This is how they track people using the stickers illegally. I may be called upon to show this ID card should someone question my use of a handicapped parking spot. I had no idea parking in a handicapped area was so desirable. Trust me, if I could walk, I would and without complaint.
The daughter and children returned here to watch a movie. "Men Who See Goats" or at least I think that's what it was called and I stayed confused through the entire movie. The daughter didn't rate it very highly so maybe it wasn't just me.
Everyone has gone home now and my house is back to peace and quiet. Ted isn't zooming around in my wheelchair and Carrie isn't wrapping me in bandages and playing caretaker to my invalid status. Dinner and a nap and I'm all good for today.


  1. Looks as though you are healing nicely.

  2. Nice to have some peace and quiet!


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