Monday, April 5, 2010

2 Weeks and 4 days makes 3 weeks

I love this time of morning. Anyone here in this house besides me are still asleep. No chatter to deal with and I sit in my wheelchair pulled up flush with the open front door and prop my foot on the chair that sits on the front porch. My laptop is balanced across my knees, I can feel the early morning coolness and hear the birds trying to out perform each other with their songs.
I can sip on my first cup of coffee of the day and reach to the left where I place it on an end table until I want another sip. It's quiet. Occasionally a couple of runners will lope through my field of vision and if they are very young they will be holding a conversation as they run along. Must be those good lungs that allow them to talk and walk. I'm afraid I might be able to do a brisk walk sans speech someday. I'm looking forward to the day the foot heals enough for me to walk the neighborhood in the early morning hours or the after dark ones.
Time and patience. I'm at two weeks and 3 days post op. I can't even say 3 weeks when I visit my doctor this Wednesday as the surgery was performed on a Friday.
By this coming Friday, it will be 3 weeks leaving me with just 5 more weeks of this "foot in the air" sentence. I'm not even half way there yet! Maybe I need to look at this in a different way because this way is certainly depressing as hell.
Maybe I need to count my blessing again. That usually helps.


  1. Time just drags when you are incapacitated. Of course alternatively, when you are doing something really enjoyable...time just flies away. That's life isn't it?

    Chin up...all be well before you know it xx

  2. Ayak: Yes! Exactly. I usually envison myself 6 months from now. I chant that "six months from now, this will be over. I'm hangin in there! Thanks for visiting. It's nice to have visitors when you are home bound!


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