Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday, Done

"Ted, who are you texting too?", I asked as we sat at the table for our Easter meal. He looked up away from his texting to say "my friends". "Ah, well, shut it down. It's rude to text while having dinner with family", I said to him. I try not to be critical but I feel that teaching manners are essential. His mother instructed him that he was here for a holiday and that staying in the office online was not an option. We may need a new list of do's and don't on manners for this generation. Cell phone and computer manners will be an addendum to the established ones. Four people can be in this house and never see one another; very little interaction as everyone is on a desktop computer or a laptop communicating with people they may never meet in person while the ones around them are absent of any communication. Ah, technology.

The daughter did all the cooking and most of the cleanup. Dirty rice, roast pork, deviled eggs, green beans with new potatoes, baked mac and cheese, corn with cream cheese and huge hot rolls that had sat on my warm stove all morning and were towering behemoths before being slipped into the oven to bake and brown.

Before the meal, the egg hunt was on. Not one boiled, decorated egg in the bunch but plastic pastel colored eggs with a chocolate morsel or a dollar bill in each which is the reason the older children want to participate in the event. Carrie gathered her eggs in her basket and sat down to pop them open and check her treasures. She wore a floral dress with a full skirt that edged just above her ankles and her doll was dressed to match her. She scamped around the yard making leaps and crouches to catch a fressbee or swing a tennis club at the balls her sister and brother were lobbing at her. Stopping for dinner didn't interest her. She did come inside but apparently she wasn't hungry or was too excited to waste time on food.

While the cigarette breaks were being enjoyed on the patio, I started the cleanup and had managed to get most of it done before the smokers returned; at that time I turned the remainder over to them and went to dry the sweat from my hair.

Ted and Carrie both wanted to spend the night. Ted got to stay but sadly I had to send Carrie home. Being this immobile and catering to the demands of a 4yr old wears me out quickly. Carrie had to go.

Ted vacuumed the floors and I mopped and it was something that needed done. The more people moving through here the more mess on the floors. All in all it was a nice day. The people were pleasant, the food was good and the weather cooperated with lots of sun and no rain.


  1. It sounded as though it was a truly shinin' day.

  2. Sounds like a good day.

    No real eggs? My kids eat eggs every morning, when its getting close to Easter, they have to have them scrambled because I blow them out of the shells and then color the eggs. I love how delicate they are!

  3. Sounds like it was a very pleasant day!


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