Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Land of Lost

The end of the work day and I was looking forward to escaping the workplace and heading home. My car pool friends were waiting for me; I slid into my seat and settled down for the trip ahead.
The car was guided by the owner down streets that were glistening with rain, the wipers clacking a beat to the sprinkling that hit the windshield. I leaned my head against the window glass, eyes visiting the raindrops against the glass that fractured visions of the scenery as we sped along. Soon the brakes noted the fact that we had arrived at a drop off for one of the riders. This was repeated a few minutes later and soon the only person left was the driver and myself. The rain had abated and I sat taller in my seat to catch glimpses of the old buildings, statues and fountains as we passed. Sight seeing is a favorite past time and here on the European continent, it's what I do with all my free time. I walk cobblestone streets, wandering from church to church and marveling at the age of what I'm seeing.
Soon the driver makes a comment about stopping at a small shop to pick something up and I pay scant attention to what she is saying other then that we are stopping. I debate on whether to get out and follow her. Curiosity gets the better of me and I want to see what this shop sells and most of the times these little places are quaint and interesting. I followed her into the store and wandered around for a bit then stepped back out to the street and walked to the next shop and inside for a quick peek. Again back to the street and further down to the next place, I was doing a speedy stop and go sort of tourist view of these shops.
I realized that I had been gone for a while so I hurried back to the shop where the driver had been. She was gone. I stumbled in fear to the parking space and the van was gone. The only thing I know about where I'm staying is the name of the town and hotel. As the pedestrians streamed by me I could feel the panic building. I remember approaching the traffic officer and I remember telling him of my predicament. I don't remember much after that.
Discomfort in one hip induces me to change position; I drifted up and out of the dream I was having and a perfect time to escape it. If I believed in dreams having a vision of my future, I would have to say I was in need of a vacation. I seldom remember my dreams but this one was so vivid.
Today? My plans are to get dressed and to the hair dresser for a clip. I'm past due and since she didn't appear this weekend to do it, I'll take myself down to the shop on the corner.
My heart hurts for all the miners who lost their lives in the mine collapse in WV. Peace be with you.


  1. Dreams can be so real sometimes. Occasionally I wake up believing that my dream is actually happening. It can be a bit scary at times.

  2. Miners live a hard life, for it end like that is so bleak and sad. My heart goes to their families and friends, rest in peace working men, and may your families find some light in the darkness.


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