Monday, April 5, 2010

Lawns and Wheels

Ted spent the night and when he got out of bed I took him to Burger King for breakfast as promised. This used to be his favorite treat and I believe he still regards it as such. Anyway, when he had finished his breakfast I had a list of things I wanted done and doggone it, he didn't even argue. Ya just gotta love a man/child that agrees to any list prepared for them. He mowed the yard, which was on the list, then offered to do the edging which wasn't on the list. He took the big blue garbage bin to the road which was on the list and then washed a vehicle which wasn't on the list. If I had known he would be so agreeable, the dang list would have been a mile long.
While he was doing all this, Carrie was revving up her pink Barbie car. She handed me a rope that was tied to the back of it and I hung on while she towed me and the wheelchair down the sidewalk for a block and then back. I enjoyed all the cars passing by with their drivers blowing their horns and waving at us. I thought maybe they were laughing because of the pink color of her car and the bright red of my chair. It's just not the correct color combo.
At one point the uneven sidewalk caused my chair to stall which pitched me forward and I slapped my good foot on the paved sidewalk to halt the chair before I pitched nose first out of it all the while Carrie was squealing with abandonment. That girl enjoys a good time.
When all the chores were finished, I loaded everyone up and we made the return trip home. Sometimes it's just a relief to be here alone where I know where everything is and handy for the way I am living right now. Nothing pisses me off more then to find my crutches across the room and the kids doing wheelies in my wheelchair while I'm marooned on the sofa. I have to remind them "if you take my chair, you have to leave the crutches close by".
It's time for a nap. Goodnight.


  1. INteresting, Char, what made you decide to do this? I never thought about doing an on line diary but then my life is about as exciting as watching water boil. Neat though for you.

  2. Thank you so much and could you tell me who this is that calls me Char. I has to be an old friend from WV. Jalone?

  3. I love the idea of the wheelchair being towed by the barbie car..I bet it was fun...although it sounds like you need to take care!

  4. Ayak: I got a scare when that chair tipped forward. I may have to find another way to entertain myself.


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