Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday and a Post of Irrelevant Information

Hold on a moment, I need to refill my coffee cup..........................

..................................Ah, a fresh cuppa, my foot elevated and the news showing on the big screen and I'm settled for a while. It's more then just chilly outside. I opened the front door and wheeled to the threshold to hang my feet outside. I watched my breath escape in puffs of steam and quickly my toes became too cold for comfort. We are having a cold front moving through and I think it's awesome. I'm not a big fan of heat and the summers here leave me exhausted. I like a nip in the air and that's what we are blessed with this morning. A cup of hot coffee and a brisk morning and I think I have arrived in paradise.

I ran around all day yesterday and today I have committed myself to keeping my foot elevated as ordered by the doctor. I think it was swollen yesterday and that's where the discomfort was with the foot. I'm going to be compliant today and stay home and baby that foot. I'll ice pack it and elevate and compensate for yesterday.

I posted this picture yesterday? or a few days ago of Carrie. Wound around her head making a fashion statement is one of the laundered stretch bandages that was used on my foot. She spent her time with me winding that around my head, my arm in a sling like tie, my other foot and anywhere she thought she could wrap me up. Carrie can use her imagination to the point of making her Nana need a nap.

It's time for my breakfast; I'll save this post for later updates.


I still haven't had breakfast so lunch might be a possibility. I did get into the shower where I soaked ye ole foot for a while. Dressed now with ice pack jammed against the swollen ankle area, I'm trying to not wish I were somewhere else and doing something else. Why can't I live close to a beach where I could lay in a reclining chair under an umbrella with a book and read while listening to waves slap against the shore, watch people strolling in the sand and see porpoises leaping through the waves? What's that? The waves reaching my recliner and me being stranded and unable to save myself? Maybe the patio on the recliner would be a wiser choice.

I'm outta here to think about what I can have for lunch.


  1. It's so easy to see that you're getting bored with all this waiting to be healed.

    I'm with you on the heat. I sometimes wonder how I survive the long hot summers here.


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