Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gone Again

He drove for 7 hours and arrived at 2200 hrs. Laundry started and finished the following day, the truck washed, oil changed and everything repacked and he was ready to be gone again.

As busy as he was with all the things he had to do, he still grilled some marinated shrimp, chicken breasts and skirt steaks. Everything was cut into strips and served with warm tortillas and with the pot of brown beans he had simmered all day. After dinner, everything was stored in the fridge. He wanted to make sure I had some meats grilled for the time when he was gone again.

I tried to reassure him that I was able to get into the kitchen although grilling was another matter and too much to deal with. I'm grateful for his concerns and though he will be gone again, I can't complain about it. He says the time to make money is now for we never know what will happen tomorrow.

He promises me that as soon as I'm all healed up, he will take a month off and we can go anywhere I want except WV, Az, or N.C. That would be family territory and though he doesn't have anything against family, I think he wants to have a vacation that doesn't include visiting family. During this conversation he nixed a vacation that includes flying across any ocean. I protested. There is not many places in the USA I haven't lived in, worked in or traveled through. I'm not excited about vacationing in the States. I may call my sister in law and see about tagging along with her this fall when she goes abroad. I told him this and he said "send me a postcard". Stay tuned for further discussions on this subject. I'm not giving up that easily.

Tomorrow morning he will be gone again.

I'm off to get another shower and into pajamas. All this activity I'm allowed is most tiring. I've also decided that I can spend my next half of this confinement lamenting about being confined OR I can find something positive about each day. I've already noted some of the positives. One day the neighbor cooked a meal for me, Joy visits, Pat visits and I don't have to worry about a job that I can't attend to. For the next four weeks I'll find a positive each day and I'm sure there are many. It's just a matter of looking upward instead of downward!


  1. That's gotta be rough on both of you.

  2. As someone whose husband is away much more than he is here, I know just how you feel. I have to admit to enjoying my own company though, which is just as well I guess, but I do like that feeling of having someone come home every evening.

  3. Ajak: This has been our live together for a long time. If I were well, I would travel with him and when we get to a small town I would be exploring on foot everything within walking distance. I didn't always go with him but usually had that option. I do enjoy my time alone and usually manage to entertain myself quite well. I have a feeling this is going to be a busy year for the husband. He is self employed and works on a consultant basis so he tries to stay busy. Usually he is.
    We are just grateful with this economy that he stays busy!

  4. Your husband sounds like a really nice guy!

  5. Powder Girl: Most of the time he is, then there's that other time when he is typically male and..well..we females know how that is!


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