Sunday, April 18, 2010

and ....he's Off

I just wished the husband a pleasant trip, he should be in Vernon, Tx. by 1600 hrs and will be working from 7P to 7A. Another guy will be doing the 12 hr day tower.

Now, what to do? I'm dressed but still have to make a trip to the makeup/hair center and then I may just pack my cameras and head to the swamps. The gators should be seeking some warmth right now and their babies should be swimming beside them. I don't get real close to them anymore although I do remember younger dumber days when I would creep to the edge of the swamp to get a better shot. I slipped in the mud and slide into the swamp, holding my camera above my head, I was shooting like a mad woman while everyone on the bank was heading for the safety of the truck. The husband was screaming for me to move as that mama gator was picking up speed in my direction. I'm a bit more cautious now and especially with this temporary handicap, I doubt I could out run a big ole angry mama gator.

I should have my foot iced down right now if I plan on not being on the sofa with it elevated. I now take off the night splint during the day to get movement from it. It's going to be strange taking those first steps on the incision site.

Yesterday I received the bill from the outpatient surgery center. Over $12000.00 for a 45 minute procedure and that's not including any of the doctors in the surgery suite. The anesthesiologist, the surgeon and the extra surgeon demanded by law to be there in case the first surgeon should croak during the operation, and the nurse anesthesis (that could be misspelled). I'm still waiting on that bill to arrive. Insurance helps but we will still have about 3000.00 to pay plus the 1000.00 deductible which was paid on admit. I'm hoping 2011 doesn't bring another surgery.
I'm outta of here for a while to find my face and arrange my hair.

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