Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Snowing?

What is that? Those flakes. There. Can't you see them. Powdery white flakes over the sofa cushions, the burgundy pattern rug on the floor and on my clothes. I need to investigate this.
Since my clothes were the closest, it didn't take long to discover the culprit. It's skin. Oh yuck. Dried flaky skin leaving a fine trail wherever I wandered. I headed for the shower and scrubbed, and shaved my legs and dried off with a fluffy yellow towel, then I sat down and slathered lotion on that leg. Oh hell, might as well lotion both of them. What could it hurt?

I do notice the atrophy in that leg. It is considerably thinner then the other leg. The other leg has to bring me from a sitting position to a standing position so it is getting exercise. 8 weeks of non use will tell a tale and a tail. Now if only I could figure a way to transfer this atrophy to my waistline. I do continue to eat healthier and I'm maintaining the smaller portions and eating nothing with sugar in it. Equal Sweetener, you are my friend. If nothing else, there won't be a weight gain while sitting on my derriere these weeks.

Spring like wonderful weather continues and today we are having a cleansing shower of rain. I like the smell of the earth after a rain. I'm going to curl up on the sofa for the remainder of the day. I've been in my chair most of today and I need to get that foot above my heart so I'm done gallivanting all around the house.
I'm done.

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