Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh Dear Higher Power

I'm beginning to get a little concerned here. As everyone knows, my days of flitting about have been put on temporary hold because of my heel that is healing. Post op 3 weeks and 4 days now, but I still am not even halfway on this doctor imposed sabbitical.
I was mentioning concern though wasn't I? I've been forced to watch more TV then I would ordinarily as skiing, surfing and hang gliding are out of the question during this healing time. I skip from one news channel to another until I've heard each reporter, commentator or talking head spew forth with all the mayhem and gossip until I'm full and have to switch the channel and search for something else to view. Just down the list from the news programs are all the CSI shows; from coast to coast with Las Vegas tossed in, I watch the investigators track down and lock up the slicers, dicers and gun toting bad guys. Late at night I spin the deadbolt lock on the french doors that face the back of the house and the dark unlit lawn. I climb into bed and lay there wondering how easy it would be for someone to cut a square of glass out and reach through, flip that deadbolt open and enter quietly then creep down the darkened hallway into my bedroom. Eyes wide open and ears straining to hear any sounds, I plot my escape. What escape?
Could I climb into that wheelchair and threaten him with being run down? Since the tall headboard of my bed sits squarely in front of the only window in the bedroom, I would have to rule that out as an escape route. Eventually the Ambien kicks in and I slide into slumber.
When the slice'm/dice'm shows and the talk shows have been examined, will I turn to reality shows? This is where I start to worry about my sanity. I've tuned into one or two of them but I promise, I don't stay long. KENDRA and THE KARDASHIAN'S I've watched long enough t0 get the general idea of what is happening. It's much like when I was younger and going to the bars and drinking. I would step back from partying to do an internal audit on my alcohol consumption. I didn't want to step over that invisible line that denotes you are now an alcoholic.
I note how many times and the length of time I face reality shows. I'm being cautious.
I have another chore to do this morning. Someone on Facebook posted a link and it came all neatly wrapped with a Trojan so now I have to download a fix for it. Don't ya hate it when that happens?


  1. I'm so wary of clicking on any links to be honest. Because I'm on my own most of the time and it's some distance to the nearest computer engineer, I'm terrified of attracting a virus which will put my laptop out of action.
    Have you posted a warning on Facebook by the way?

  2. Yes..but everyone is being infected and it's spreading fast. I cleaned this one out and it's fine now.


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