Friday, April 2, 2010


It may be premature to worry about this but chances are
in about 6 more weeks and I shall be put into one
of these orthotics. The tall one is 500.00 from the
doctors office and 150.00 if ordered from a store online.
The short one I don't know how much the doctor
charges but online it's around 87.00 or something thereabouts.
When I asked about the possibility of wearing this, the PA
said, "yes, but don't worry, we have them here".
Oh, I thought, I'll bet you do. I'm sure the doctor buys them
at wholesale and sells them at a huge markup. This is where my
problem occurs. If my insurance company pays for this, and the PA thinks it will,
then should I let them charge my insurance company or should I tell them I'll order online?. If I order online, I'll pay for it. It really ticks me off to see everybody gouging and gouging the insurance companies and the insurance companies bidding on surgeries and hospital stays and then charging the consumers an outrageous fee to be insured.
If my insurance company doesn't cover the charge of this boot, I will be ordering one online and I did forewarn that PA of my intentions.
I'll see the doctor again next Wednesday; the splint I'm wearing now might be exchanged for a different kind and I surely hope it isn't as uncomfortable as this one!
I'm done.

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