Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Seem to Have Graduated

At 0940 I was parked in front of the doctors office complex and trying to unload that wheelchair out of the car. Eventually, with help from a pleasant older gentlemen, I was seated in that chair and rolling toward the door.

The wait was very short and I was escorted to the examining room, then summoned to the X-Ray room to have pretty pictures taken of my foot.

Soon the doctor appeared, examined the X-Rays, then my foot and pronounced, I'm putting you in a walking boot. You will wear this boot for three weeks, then tennis shoes for two weeks, at which time I'll be seeing you again."

Can I tell you how excited I was? Out of the wheel chair and off the crutches, progress has been achieved. Can I tell you how painful it is to be in that walking boot? Who woulda thought? It feels as though there is a large metal ball beneath my heel. I'm assuming this is caused by the tendons on the bottom of my foot having to stretch after 6 weeks of non use.

I returned the wheel chair but kept the crutches to assist my walking until the pain diminishes. I was told by other wearers of these boots that they felt discomfort also. I'm hoping it doesn't last the entire 3 weeks of my wearing it. It's's's more mobility and I'm good with that!

I'm off to do a short walk to the laundry room. I said "walk" not "roll". See the improvement?


  1. This is very good news. You're almost at the finishing line now...take care xx

  2. I'm making progress Ayak! One day at a time that soon turns into a week and then a month.


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