Monday, April 19, 2010

Low Fliers

There is a stretch of paved road that lays itself down in the middle of a big field of wild flowers and green grass and sprinkled aside this road are some country homes with all their collections of boats, cars, four wheelers and similar play toys for the owners. Soon the pavement ends and the gravel road begins with it's 25mph speed limit and the dust roars from passing cars on a hot dry day. This gravel road continues through the swamp and most of the time you will find your self driving in the left lane to get pass the photographers and viewers of the alligators, birds and neutra rats that are floating and feasting in that swamp.
Yesterday I was on this ribbon of black top when directly ahead in my field of vision appeared a single engine airplane. I watched for a moment as it drew closer thinking it might be a hand controlled plane. I could see the lone pilot. It dropped lower and lower until it was almost eye level to me then shot back into the air and started banking to the right and started a large circle while I watched. It came back. Is it in distress? Trying to find a place to land and if so is that place on this piece of pavement where I'm sitting? I'm not reacting quickly. My mouth is dry and I'm just watching. Finally I'm looking for an escape route. He is just ahead of me and to the left when he drops lower and his wheels bounce off the field of grass to the left of my car. I've slowed my car to a crawl while I watch as he does many small bounces until eventually he has both wheels rolling smoothly on the grassy field.
A huge metal building sits at the end of this field of grass and flowers. A building with doors that roll up to accommodate a plane. The owner must have been out for a little Sunday plane exercise. I'm sure the local traffic must be used to seeing this small plane so close to earth but I was not. I'll be watching for him should I drive that lane again on a weekend.
It's time for my morning absolution. A warm shower and a pair of capris, sweater and barefoot, I'll be ready to get on with my day. I may try the wheel chair caper today (see prior post).
Breakfast first, a small bowl of oatmeal and a slice of wheat toast is what I will be having. I'm hungry.

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  1. Yeah, I don't think I'd like that part about the plane trying to land so close to me. There should be warning signs!
    Loved the swamp tour : ) maybe one day I'l see a swamp for real.


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