Thursday, April 29, 2010


A few noteworthy items in my life. This might not mean a lot to anyone else but I did some analytical thinking today. It almost was painful.
The doctor told me to "wear the boot for 3 weeks, to remove the boot to do stretching exercising on the foot by using an exercise band or a towel behind my toes and pulling tightly on it to stretch the foot".
Why am I wearing a 5o0.00 boot? What is the purpose of this boot? If I'm to stretch this foot, then it isn't because they want the foot immobile as happens while wearing the boot. The boot doesn't bend but is totally stiff in the sole.
The boot hurts and it hurts everywhere. The incision site at the back of my heel that extends down into the sole of my heel rubs against the boot. The bottom of my foot hurts and the ankle stiffens up from disuse while in the boot. Again I ask, why am I wearing this boot? I didn't frac that ankle. I could understand if I had fractured the ankle and it was to be kept immobile. Is this a way to charge the insurance companies or the client an extra 500.00? Am I being a bit paranoid on this?
Today I took that boot off and rummaged in the closet for a pair of comfortable wide Reeboks. These Reeboks have a good sole on them and good support on the sides. I donned a pair of socks and then laced up these shoes and did some trial run walking around the house. I'm using one crutch on the unaffected side to do partial weight bearing until my foot gets acclimated to weight.
Upon further investigation, most people put in these boots are doing partial weight bearing for the first week or until the foot becomes accustomed to full weight. I wasn't instructed on this by anyone. I'm doing it but it was trial and error that I discovered when standing full weight, it hurts!
I'm happy with the surgical procedure but the splint and boot I find were highly overpriced and not necessary.
Feeling almost normal in my Reeboks, something I haven't worn for a year now because of the bone spur in the heel, I moved slowly and carefully and took rest breaks. Tomorrow I'll continue the walking exercises and I won't be using that torture boot!
I'm healing.

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