Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday March11

I'm confined to the sofa this morning and I'm television tuned in to the news. Watching the news with one eye and surfing the web on my laptop with the other, I'm getting my daily updates. Mall shootings, Polish plane downed, massacre of photographers by U.S. Troops and Tiger Woods at the Masters makes me wonder why we need movies and sitcoms.

Another unseasonably cool morning keeps my a/c unit from clicking on. At this rate I might have to switch it to heat instead of cool. Strange weather conditions for this part of the country.

I'll have another day of inactivity. I haven't even made it to the half way mark in this journey. I keep telling myself that 8 weeks is not the rest of my life but right now it seems as though it's a huge portion of it.

I may make a trip to the store just to get out of the house for a while. I want to get rid of the red cell phone that is, after using it for a while, determined to be less then what I wanted in a phone which is one that works! This one does some strange things all on it's own. It locks up and won't turn on or off and refuses to recognize the sim card most of the time. This one will be returned.

I'm outta here to find a tissue for my reddened sore much wiped nose. I may start an aggressive campaign against this cold. It might be time to take some medicine.

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