Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Can't Believe It's Sunday

The steaks were awesome. The husband made a quick trip to his favorite meat market to pick up a couple of thick juicy ribeyes. He lit the charcoals and while waiting for them to get to that ashy gray color, he mowed the back lawn which was in need of being mowed. The wind continued to whip the trees and bushes around but not a drop of moisture hit the pavement.
Steaks cooked to a medium perfection, a baked potato and grilled mushrooms with onions decorated my plate. I was ready to dig in and it was as awesome as I had imagined it would be. One of my very favorite meals is a good medium cooked steak.
The husband has been keeping the washing machine running and the dryer whirling as he gets everything ready for his next job. Between the trip to the market, the trip to Fed Ex to bill the client and his laundry, he hasn't slowed down. He is waiting on a call to go to another spud meeting in Dallas and if he wasn't expected to head immediately to location after that meeting, I would tag along. My doctor's appointment isn't until Wednesday.
I'm still hoping that the doctor will put me in a walking boot when I make that visit. At least he might have me on PWB (partial weight bearing), meaning I would use crutches while putting partial weight on that foot. I know I'm probably setting myself up to be disappointed so I try to anticipate two more weeks of this after that visit.
Festival Internationale continues through today and I haven't made it down town to catch any of the festivities. The Jazz Fest in New Orleans happens at the same time we are having the Festival here and both of them are worth attending. Not for me this year I fear. Banana Fosters' aren't on my "healthy way of eating" anyway. Maybe next season?
I've been watching the rig drama that has unfolded in the Gulf. I can imagine the scene at the dock when the workers drove their vehicles out of the yard and there was left those vehicles belonging to the 11 missing workers. I'm waiting on the reports on what went wrong on that rig. Safety is a major issure with the oil companies with daily safety meetings, safety measures adhered to strickly so it wasn't for a lack of trying. Did the BOP fail?
I'm rolling back to the kitchen for another cuppa coffee. Happy Sunday!

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