Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Benadyrl and Nods

I yawn, stretch, reposition and go back to sleep. That pretty much describes yesterday and most of today.
I decided to get some Benadyrl and see if I could dry up some of this cold and the allergy related symptoms. I pop two Benadyrl and within an hour I'm creeping back on the sofa, covering up and going to sleep. Today I planned on hooking up my GPS in my car and going for a ride through the countryside. I took a couple of Benadyrls, took a shower, dressed and by this time I was yawning and ready to take a nap. I've spent another day blissfully unaware of anything happening around me. I really need to get off the Benadyrl or just keep taking it for the next 3 weeks and be so compliant with doctors' orders which is "stay on the sofa with foot above your heart". Maybe he meant to tell me to get some Benadyrl so I could adhere to his orders?
No more Benadryl for the remainder of the day. I think I'm going to try a different approach to loading my wheelchair in my car. Maybe I can fold it up and heft it into the back seat easier then trying to get it into the trunk?
I'm going to give it a try and I'll let ya know how that goes!

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  1. I'm basking in the sun and being grateful for my trip to the chiropractor yesterday.


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