Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Had I Known

I would have done things a little differently. I had a new splint placed today (see prior post) and the charge for that splint was 300.00. The physician assistant said that my insurance would most likely pay for it since it was a part of the surgical repairs on this foot. I had to sign an agreement for liability in case the insurance company rejected it but I was told that the doctor would write a letter justifying the need for this.
What makes me livid is the doctor has these in stock which tells me he bought them at a wholesale price and retails them to his customers or patients. I went online and found the same product for 18.00. How sad is that? As bad as I dislike insurance companies and lawyers, I hate even more the attitude of "stick it to the insurance company" attitude. A lose-lose situation exists between the doctors and the insurance companies. The insurance companies have capped what they will pay a doctor to do a surgery so the doctors now schedule more patients in one day and gouge the insurance companies for these orthotics. Maybe I shouldn't complain as I'm very happy with this physician but I can't help but notice all the greed involved with health care.
I understand that an education for a doctor is long and expensive. I understand that there are good competent doctors as well as incompetent ones and I'm fortunate to be able to see this physician. I'm saddened by the obvious and blatant over charging and for anybody that can't afford insurance for quality health care. There is a reason for the high costs in the health field aren't there?

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