Sunday, April 18, 2010

Swingin Through The Swamp

A bed and breakfast in the swamps.

Another bed and breakfast in the swamp.

A modular home among the oaks.

A tractor with a witch in the driver's seat.

Redneck country: note the rebel flag in the background.

A metal shed building structure for a house...the above photo.

Today I drove the Lake Martin Road which I usually call "crossing the swamp" and went to visit with Peg. I wrapped an ice pack around my ankle and secured it with a elastic wrap which holds it in place quite nicely. I wasn't in a hurry and the drive was pleasant. On the way home and again crossing the swamp I made a left turn down a road that I hadn't driven before and took the above photos. The road which really was more like a narrow paved lane that dead ended into a dirt track was thickly populated. I didn't realize that there were so many houses in that swamp. Most of the buildings I had seen sitting back off the graveled road were camps mainly used on the weekends and holidays.
Tents, kayaks, canoes and air boats were filtered across the lake. Cook pots could be seen simmering on the propane cookers and lining the lake were the fishermen. It was a typical weekend here.
I'm excited. I have a plan. I think I will be able to load my wheelchair by myself into the trunk of my car. I'm excited because this means more freedom for me.
I have a two step stool that is lightweight metal and folds flat. I am going to keep this in the trunk of my car. I can wheel myself to the trunk of the car with my crutches in hand. I'll place the crutches close by the trunk, open the trunk, take out the two step stool and open it and place it at the end of the car. I'll move from the chair to the top step of this step stool, and then I'll be able to remove the pad from the wheelchair and grab the seat on each side, jerk up quickly thereby collapsing the chair. I won't have to do this while balancing on crutches. I'll be sitting on the step stool. I can then heft the chair into the trunk of my car, stand up and reach for the crutches to balance myself while I fold up the step stool and pitch it into the trunk with the wheelchair. I think I can do this and if I can, I will be able to drive myself to the mall and wheel around and cut the time I have been spending on my sofa! The possibilities are endless. I have the handicap tag to hang in the car window which will provide me with parking close to where I want to go and the wheel chair for mobility. I'll let you know how this works out. I know you'll be keeping your fingers crossed for me. 4 more weeks and I have a plan!

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