Friday, April 16, 2010

Non Compliant Friday

I've been on the go all day today. I took a nice long shower, lotioned the dry skin away and dressed in a pair of white capris and a cheerful yellow pullover. I rolled to the office where I applied makeup and used the blow dryer to tame my hair. I was ready to be out of the house. My first stop was to the daughter's house to see the kitchen cupboards she was staining. While there Carrie and I sat at the picnic table and selected a few books from the ones she had stacked on the table and she listened quietly as I read them to her. Soon it was nap time for mother and daughter so I headed to Pat's house to check her computer. We hooked up a new modem and I cleaned it up a little and she was back online.

Pat and I decided to drive to Joy's house and that's just what we did. We spent a couple of hours with Joy and it was back to Pat's to drop her off and back home to be there for Ted to arrive from school. I was a busy person and none of it was what I was supposed to be doing.

Ted got home and played on the computer until I cooked some rice for the gumbo I had simmered all day. As soon as he finished his dinner, he wheeled me to the front of the house where he turned on the water hose and left me with it to water the flowers. As soon as that was done, we both headed for the back yard where he cleared the yard so he could mow for me. Ted is a great help with the little things around the house. He takes out the garbage, mows the lawn and clears off the patio and does any other of the small jobs I can't do right now and I appreciate all his help.

Soon Joy and Mike arrived for some gumbo and iced tea. The only thing missing was the potato salad.

I elevated my foot when possible. Sitting at Joy's house, I kept my foot on an ottoman; at Pat's I propped it on a chair opposite me and during the times I was home, I tried to keep it under an ice pack and elevated. It doesn't take long for the swelling to commence when it isn't elevated so although I didn't stay parked on the sofa all day, I did try to elevate when possible.

4 more weeks of this. I intend to stay on the sofa tomorrow but for today it was a pleasant escape.

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  1. Sounds like a really nice day...nice for you to get out and about and relieve the boredom for a while.


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