Monday, April 26, 2010

I sure hope I don't look like I feel. My head is still congested and when my nose isn't leaking and forcing me to bury by face in a paper towel or I'm not struggling to breath through a nose that has entirely closed down, the sinus headaches are waltzing in and out and I'm now regretting spring and pollen. I used to enjoy this time of year. When did this change. I don't remember ever having problems with allergies. On the bright side, my lungs seemed to have cleared up. Always something eh? The good side of this is that staying in one place and elevating my foot isn't as depressing as it was early on in this adventure.

I'm excited about seeing the doctor on Wednesday and the husband might be able to make this visit with me. He doesn't actually go in with me but drops me at the door and waits on me while reading U.S.A. Today paper. That's fine with me. Sitting in a waiting room isn't an entertaining proposition but usually the wait is minimal. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed about the walking boot.

The temperatures are edging up to 88 degrees today. I would like to spend the morning outside but this might not be a wise choice for me. Pollen here there and everywhere.

The spud meeting got cancelled so the husband will be home for a day or two more. He might even be around a week as the rig won't be to core point for a while. His truck has to be inspected and other errands completed so he will be busy. I'm off to get showered and so some errand stuff myself. I'm slowly losing the lbs gained when I quit smoking. Hopefully my old wardrobe will be new to me again soon!
Two more days..two more days and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that doctor's appointment!


  1. Wow, congestion can be very annoying--not including your other challenges.. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. If misery loves company, you should be as happy as a politician with his hand in the voter's pocket. Allergies are running amok! The temp is a whoppin' 52 degrees and not likely to go up much. Chores need doing and I ... don't care.

  3. Slamdunk: the last half of this year should be a major inmprovement over this first half!

    Buffalo: dang allergies! I have to say, the weather is perfect though.


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