Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thrills on Top of Thrills

I've been up since 0500 and it's now almost 1000 and I'm hungry. I've gone over a mental list of what would be a tasty breakfast but of course a stack of pancakes with strawberries and whipped creme is out of the question. First of all, who would cook it? Where would the strawberries be found? The most important question of all is "who would clean up the mess"?
That settles it. A bowl of cheerios will be breakfast. The less I do here the more I want to do even less. I'll be a totally committed, ready for the streets bum, by the time I'm healed and up and about. It helps having the head cold from hell. It makes you just want to lay around and since that is all I'm supposed to be doing, maybe I should be thankful for the dang head cold.
The neighbor is mowing his lawn and I can hear his tractor as he swoops back and forth across the grass. I had my little Toyota parked on the grassy strip beside my house adjoining his lawn and his wife came over and asked if he could move it so he could mow. The problem is, the little car has it's own little quirks in it's old age and sometimes you have to jiggle the key just right to get it to turn. I'm always afraid someone will try to force it so I hesitate on handing the keys over to anybody.
I crutched it to the car, sat down and flung my crutches aside while I tried to swing my feet in. I tested the gas pedal with my foot to see if a little pressure applied would cause pain in my foot. Success! I shoved the clutch in with my left foot, turned the key and gave it a little gas and soon I was on my way off that strip of grass to park it on the carport beside the Mercury. I'll leave it there until the husband returns at which time he will demand he park his precious Dodge out of the sun and rain. He shouldn't be home until Saturday and only then if another job doesn't pop up.
Actually I'm doing quite well by myself. I can twirl in my chair in circles in the kitchen and move quickly from the stove to the sink to the fridge. Friends stop by now and again to let me know the world still exists outside my confines. Lesie, the GrandD stopped by last night to visit and ask if she could do anything for me. She gave me some tips on using the new phone and took out the trash for me. Every little bit helps.
I may sneak off in my car today and drive around a bit but first of all, I'm going to get that bowl of cereal for breakfast!


  1. Oh Cheerios is just not the same as pancakes, strawberries and whipped cream is it? But just as well you couldn't have'd only regret it later if the pounds start pıling on!

  2. Oh I love Cheerios, and every other cold cereal. I have 6 different kinds in the cupboard right now. I sense a little rebel in you miss Charlotte. Now you mind your doctor and don't over-do. You don't want to have a set back do you?

  3. Ayak: I'm watching those calories very closely right now and trying to take off some of the weight gained when I quit smoking!

    Joan: I am rebelling a bit but I'm so bored with all this and tomorrow makes 4 weeks post op and that's only half of the way there....through this confinement.

  4. I feel for ya. When I fell and broke my ankle and knee I was in PT for a year and couldn't move much for months. My friends brought me in lunch for days because I couldn't get to the kitchen. I remember thinking....I just want to walk again even if I'm crippled, but thankfully, most of the time I feel pretty good. I did develop arthritis in that leg though, and some mornings it's hard to get started.

  5. Jeez Joan,
    I hate this confinement and sometimes my imgination gets the better of me and I start thinking I will never walk normally again. The knee replacement was going to be the great fix and then I would be able to walk normally but not so. The knee was fine but the foot wasn't. I shutter to think of what my mood will be if something happens AFTER this foot heals. This is the second year of being laid up and I've had quite enough!


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