Friday, April 23, 2010

So, Where's the Weather?

Tornadoes are whirling around in Texas and are supposed to be heading this way. I'm waiting. I've wheeled myself to the front door where I sit and gaze at the sky and note the branches on the big maple tree that are whipping around in the gusts of wind that are coming through.
I contemplated trying to load my chair in the car again then hesitated because of this weather. Is it really worth it to try and load that chair and go some where if the weather is going to turn nasty? The skies darken for a while then those clouds move on to be replaced by lighter gray ones and again the darkness returns. The only thing I haven't seen is sunshine. I should keep the weather channel tuned in. I hate surprise weather stuff and although we aren't usually tornado prone here, I'm guessing it could happen.
On another cheerful note (not), my head feels as though it might explode. Pressure is felt above my ears and behind my eyes. My sinuses are screaming at me and I feel like screaming back. I might just settle into the sofa and pull the blanket up and go back to sleep. The weather is unfavorable and I'm allergy miserable and on that note, I'm gone!


  1. Seems to me waiting out the storms would be prudent, especially since you aren't as mobile as you are normally.

    (I hesitated over using "normal". Charlotte Ann. Normal. Gee, I don't know.)

  2. Go to sleep. Your body is telling you something as you know from being a nurse. It needs to heal.


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