Friday, April 2, 2010

Another One.....Day that is...

Breakfast! Yellow squash, an egg and wheat toast with a glass of milk was consumed, then I waited for the inevitable burn from my stomach. Didn't happen and maybe the milk helped although I did eat yogurt at 3AM this morning after Powder Girl suggested it.
I wheeled myself to the front door for some fresh air and propped my foot on the chair there. Flowers, green grass and crisp morning air pushed around by a slight breeze felt wonderful. A storm with heavy rain is headed this way from Texas; I'll enjoy that too. I don't expect any major events to report today so I'll publish this post now and roll back into the living room where I'll be for the remainder of today.

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  1. Thats funny, I awake almost every night at about 2/ 3 AM, I always stumble to the kitchen and down a fast yogurt. No idea what thats all about, but at least its not only me any more : )

    Glad it helped with the acid though, always works for me !


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