Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tricky Tricks

Although my head feels like a lead filled basketball, I dressed and crutched to the car for a quick trip to the market. Sailing around the store in my little electric cart, I collected everything I had on my list and hurried home. I missed the rain. As a matter of fact, it didn't rain but the threat still hangs in the air. Windy and humid, I was grateful to be back home and out of this nasty weather.

I backed my car onto the carport beside the door and gathered my crutches in hand along with my purse and the carton of smokes for the husband. He is on his way home as we speak, or I should say "type". I popped the trunk lid and studied the best way to get groceries from that trunk and into this house. Usually, while on crutches, I grasp the plastic bag loops and swing them toward the door and when I get inside I can move them from the floor to the kitchen counter. Today I decided to try a different way and instead of balancing on those crutches, I opened the door and moved the wheelchair outside to the back of the car. From the seat of the wheelchair I could move the groceries gently to the floor just inside the door. I didn't have to balance on those crutches and it was much easier to do.

I had a light bulb moment. Ted can pop a wheelie in that chair and get the front wheels across the door casement. Why couldn't I? I lined the chair up with the door, shifted my weight to the back of the chair and pulled back quickly on the wheels of the chair and I was airborne under the front wheels. Quickly I moved my hands on the wheels and rolled forward a few inches to get the front wheels across the sill and I was almost at victory. Here's where it gets a bit scary. I would now have to repeat the same thing while trying to get the back wheels of the chair up and over the 6 inch lip from the carport floor to the living room floor. I had visions of the chair tipping all the way backward and someone finding me hours later lying halfway in and halfway out of the house with my head cracked on the concrete floor dripping out what little brains I may have left.

I didn't pop another wheelie but reached to each side of the door and pulled myself the remainder of the way in which wasn't a bad way to finish that task. I may have to consider this as my new way of entering with my chair. I now have to see if exiting can be accomplished by backing my chair out and down off the sill those 6 inches. I have 3 weeks to practice.

I now need a nap.

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