Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday and Shouldn't I be Out Shopping Somewhere?

Joy came to visit yesterday and for 15 minutes, I got to ride as she chauffeured me to the Hot Wok. I had phoned in an order for Egg Foo Yong..or however that's spelled and because I couldn't get into the place and pick up the food, Joy was there. She made her way into the Hot Wok and to the counter to collect the food I had ordered then we returned back to my house. We shared that lunch together and it was tasty. There is always enough food for a few meals from that one order and we packed the remainder of it up so it could be taken back to Joy's house for her dinner. I had a salad for my dinner and returned to my 'healthy plan' for eating. Every now and again one must jump the train but the important thing is to get back on quickly.
Joy spent most of the day here and as she was backing down the driveway, Pat appeared. Another few hours of conversation, laughter and viewing old photo albums was enjoyed. I'm thankful for friends that stop in to visit. It makes the banishment to the sofa a bit more tolerable.
I peeked out and noted the driveway looked moist, not real wet. It must have rained but I don't think we got the rain we were forecast to get. Hopefully it was enough to water my flowers as I can't get to the water hose to do that either.
Another day of TV and naps on the sofa and another 6 weeks of this. I'm sure that doctor is not going to release me to a walking boot for at that long. Patience.
As the old phrase goes "with a little help from my friends', I'll eventually get to that magic time "6 weeks'.
I'm off to get a warm shower and a change of clothes. The beautician comes tomorrow to cut my hair. I guess being home bound has it's small rewards. How many times do I get the hairdresser to come to MY house?
Happy Trails everybody and I wish I could be making some of those trails!


  1. Hi Charlotte Ann. Just popped over to say thankyou for visiting and posting on my blog..and also to say that having arrived here, it looks like just my kind of blog, so I've added myself to your Followers, and look forward to reading more about your life.

    Best wishes

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I enjoy reading your descriptions of your country side. I love to travel and read about different places. I'll be following your blog too.


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