Thursday, April 8, 2010

An Adventure and Two

Sad as it may seem, a trip to Walmart is now noted as an "adventure". I know that I'm supposed to get someone to drive me to and from but I didn't ask anyone. I grabbed my crutches and made my way to my car, hung my shiny new handicap card over the rear view mirror mount and drove away from my house.

I stopped by Pat's house, crutched my way inside and spent some time visiting with her. We talked about the new splint and the price and the likelihood that I would be required to purchase the 500.00 walking boot. She made her way to her hall closet and came back carrying the walking boot this same doctor had required her to wear. It now rests in the back of my car and when I make my next visit to that doctor, I'll be able to tell him that I won't be buying one from him. It matters not whether the insurance company pays for it or not, I don't want to charge this to my insurance company as much as I don't want to pay for it either. I'll use the one Pat had and save either myself or the insurance company 500.00.

I can now park close enough to the entrance of Walmart and crutch my way into the store. I parked, got the crutches and started for the door when an employee shows up with an electric cart and said he was bringing it to me so I wouldn't have to use the crutches. That's cool! I zipped around the store gathering up what I needed and while doing this was amazed at the number of people that would offer to reach things for me on the higher shelves or in the coolers. Nice people live here and I'm always appreciative of their offers for help.

I made it out of the store and stowed the groceries in the trunk of my car. All went well so far. I backed the car onto the carport with the trunk open and close to the door. I didn't know if I would be able to move the plastic bags of stuff from the car into the house while on crutches. I could grab a bag of stuff and swing it toward the door and let it thump onto the living room floor. I was so thankful I didn't need eggs or milk on this trip. I did get all the bags to the living room floor and then climbed into my chair and hauled bag after bag to the kitchen counter. One adventure down and one to go.
The daughter had some summons papers to deliver to Baton Rouge and asked if I would like to ride along. I'm usually the driver and when you are used to being the driver, riding along can be a nerve racking experience. I-10 was crowded with semi trucks moving along quickly and closely to each other and from where I sat it looked as though they were inches from the side of the Jeep. Hidden in the trees beside the road were highway patrolmen with radar guns spotting the traffic and collecting revenue for the state.
Delivering the papers was a matter of finding the office and dropping the papers with the receptionist then we were off to find a place to have lunch. Seigen Lane is peppered with eateries and we ended up at The Olive Garden. Iced teas, soups and unlimited salad was ordered. Still able to maintain my healthy food diet, we had a long leisurely lunch. Carrie even tried the soup.
I'm home and ready to prop my foot above my heart. I'm due. Ice packed and elevated, the remote control in hand and the house is quiet. I can watch the tube until I fall asleep. I'm done.


  1. Do you know the only time I had ever heard of Walmart was when I saw those awful pics of Walmart customers that seem to do the rounds. But it sounds like it's a pretty nice place to shop with helpful staff and customers too. It does give you a sense of achievement to be as independent as possible doesn't it? When I injured my back recently, I was frustrated more than anything else that I couldn't just get on with the things I would normally be doing.

  2. Ayak: I dislike being dependant and I do get fustrated sometimes but I have to remind myself lthat everything I attempt to do now will take me 3 times longer then usual. I scheudle a task a day and that's enough right now. 5 more weeks of this!!


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