Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dinner and Television

This was actually a wonderful meal. Who woulda thought that something this healthy would be so enjoyable. A salad with grilled chicken strips and fresh asparagus, some wheat crackers and a bottle of water and I was satisfied with this meal.
The daughter stopped by on her way to the store. I chose to go with her and this was a nice outing but right now a trip to the grocery store is an adventure. I collected everything I needed then took myself in the little electric cart and positioned myself by the front entrance to wait on the daughter to finish with her shopping.
I people watched and that alone makes for an interesting few hours though I wasn't there that long. The more bizarre they were dressed the more interesting they were. Tattoos, wild hair styles, pretty spring dresses worn by the young ladies, shorts, slacks and sandals and the herd kept parading by. I especially like the little ones and when they would notice the bandaged foot they would loudly mention to their parents what they were seeing and questioning the why of it. I'm relieved it was a bandage on my foot and not a birth mark or some other disfigurement they could question although I don't think it would have bothered me. Children are expressing curiosity without judgement or malice.
I just discovered an Easter dinner has been planned for tomorrow along with the egg hunt and it's all happening here. I okayed this but I did mention that I wouldn't be doing any of the cleanup and that cleanup was mandatory. I don't want to be left with a mess.
It's time for me to get prone and elevate. I'm done!


  1. That meal looks good. I'm thinking I really must start to eat heaithily. Now the sun's shining, it's time to start on salads...somehow they don't go well with winter.

  2. Ajak: I didn't eat salads this winter and now have the hips to prove it. (Gasp) I'm happy to have embarked on the journey to improve my diet and along the way, hopefully, lose some winter weight.


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