Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pueblo to Wichita Falls, Tx.

Still in Colorado and an interesting fact about Trinidad. It's the only place in the USA that does sex change operations.

We left Pueblo this morning after breakfast. The farther we drove the less mountainous it became. Eventually the land wasn't flat but softly rolling hills with the mountain far in the distance.
We have seen antelope, long horned cattle and large ranches on this part of the trip. Right now we are in Capulin, N
ew Mexico and taking a side trip to see a volcano. Scrub pine, cattle, rocks, and flat land for miles and miles surround us. The land has black rocks jutting out of the land in clusters. After talking with the park rangers, the black rocks were explained. The volcanic rock was spewed for miles and miles around this area.
There were many active volcanoes around here. Most of them are on private land and not open for viewing. The one here is the only open crater one.
I've put my camera away for a while. I don't find the scenery inspiring or in need of recording.
We entered Texas through the little town of Texline.
Miles and miles of crops and irrigation and grain storage silos. The required drug store, markets, and a few fast food eateries line the streets. The land is dry and sandy with very little vegetation unless water is being supplied. Old farm equipment abandoned for newer and more efficient equipment leaves it's history trail in the fields. This ain't Colorado. Dumas Tx is the next town in the succession. It's 87 degrees and the cool mountain air has been left behind.
We just had a train pass hauling car after car of what I have no clue but the cars were open and being followed by a red caboose. I've become quite enamored of train cars lately. The cars use to have amateurish graffiti scrawled over their sides by mischievous youngsters. Today those same train cars have graffiti but now it's more an art form. The black spray painted cars have been replaced by artistic renditions picturing scenery or elaborate lettering filled with pictures. Either these artists are fast or those cars spend a long time docked. Some day I might get to do a collage of pictures of some train cars. I'm keeping my camera ready.
2:00 or 1400,
We are 19 miles from Amarillo and a lunch break. I'll have to pry my butt off this seat and try to get my leg extended after sitting here for so long. I'm taking my Ibuprofen every 4hrs.
It's 92 degrees and the scenery has changed from farmland to pump jacks and rough uneven land unsuitable for farming or grazing cattle. Lines of wind turbines were spinning with the wind. It's time to take a break and I"m ready.
We are just now taking a break. We didn't stop where and when we thought we would.
In Wichita Falls, Tx. In the room and downloading a few pictures. I didn't feel the need to take a load of pictures today. I copied and pasted this blog from my Wordpad then added the pictures. It's easier to remember the sequences if I type as I ride along. Don't ya just love computers?

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