Saturday, May 23, 2009

Heading to Silver CIty

An old mine

After breakfast this morning, we decided to drive to Silver City. We stopped in the little towns on the way there and drove around the towns and then headed for the next one. Eventually we got to the base of the mountain that we had to cross to get to Silver City. Hubby mentioned that it was a frightening ride. I had no idea what he meant. We started up. Soon I understood exactly what he meant. We are on a two lane road, no guard rails and no shoulder on the road. I'm riding on the drop off side and it's so much of a drop off that I can't see the bottom. Soon I was leaning toward the drivers side in an effort to get away from the scene on my side of the road. My imagination was running rampant. We got to a turn around and that's what we did. We turned around and headed back. I don't need to see Silver City enough to ride another 30 miles alongside a 14000 ft drop off. We got out of the truck at the turn around and walked away from the road to see a waterfall. On this walk toward the cliff, I couldn't help but think of all the men out there that had murdered their wifes. I eyed my husband. I ventured the question "you don't have any ideas about hurtling me over this mountain do you?". I know that maybe I should trust the person I spend a lot of time with but I'm thinking those women didn't expect their mates to off them either. The most recent one where the husband is suspected of strangling her and his two sons so he could be with his stripper girlfriend. After that one, I trust nobody.
The scenery here is awesome. There is no humidity. None. Zero. Zip. That is awesome too. The temperature actually reached 70 degrees here but in the mountains it was a chilly 47.
We did a little shopping to stock some things in the room for our stay here. We stopped and had lunch and then it was back to the room for a nap. I'm having a very nice vacation. This vacation is "on the house". It's hubby's job and I'm just tagging along to take advantage of this opportunity.
He will start work on Monday and then I'll be on my own.

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  1. Try a trip up, or down, Phantom Canyon. One end is Victor. The other end is a few miles out of Canyon City. One lane road. Turn outs every now and then in case you meet someone. The vehicle going downhill has to back up to the turnout. No guard rails and one helluva drop.


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