Monday, May 25, 2009

Goodbye Montrose

I awoke this morning to 42 degree temperatures. It's just the right climate for a long sleeve shirt and a pair of slacks. No need for a jacket as it really doesn't feel cold at all. If it were 42 degrees in Louisiana you would need a jacket as the humidity makes the slightest drop in temperatures feel much colder then here. Also my hair looks much better here. No humidity and no fuzzy hair. Now that's a good enough reason alone to move here.

And related to that house on the mountain by the Bridal Veil falls in Telluride, I found this on the web:

and this information about the house and owner:

The coffee shop here is full of folks from Germany. Germans and French come through here all summer on bus tours. I spoke with a few of them this morning. They were from Cologne and most of them were retired. Some had their young adult children traveling with them. They started their tour in California, then to Arizona, Colorado and more of the west. Now that's the way to retire. Retire to travel. Also, our dollar is weak against the Euro right now so a trip to the States is a bargain for the Europeans.

I'll be packing all of our stuff up which is always fun moving it from this upstairs room down to the truck. Maybe I could just drop it off the second floor and have hubby catch it from below? Nah..he would never go for that and it might be a little rough on the laptops.
I'm outta here to pack!

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