Saturday, May 23, 2009


We crossed a time zone on the way here. My cell phone automatically sets itself but my wristwatch is all on me. I didn't set it back so this morning when I woke up I glanced at my watch and noted it was 6AM. Perfect I'm thinkin. I can get dressed and sneak out of the room so hubby won't be disturbed. Only after softly turning the door knob and slipping into the bathroom where I had carefully left my clothes, shoes, purse, and cell phone did I realize that it wasn't 6AM and the coffee shop wouldn't be open for another hour. Nothing to do but get dressed and leave the room. Thankfully the lobby was open and the employee there put on a fresh pot of coffee when I arrived. It's very quiet and the computer in the lobby is free for the taking right now as everyone else around here is in bed.

I did my stretch and burn exercises last night and went back to putting some weights on my knee. It just isn't extended enough to walk without a limp and that is painful. I did enjoy the jacuzzi tub. It's so deep you actually float in it. I'll be doing more of that in the next week.

There is also an exercise room here along with a sauna and I'll check those out when they open. If they have a bike, maybe I can set it so that I can use it. I should have plenty of hours alone while hubby is working to use all the facilities here.

We drove around town last night before we found a place to have dinner. I opted for a place that served breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite meal and they have a Denny's here. We don't have one in Lafayette and I'm not a fan of IHOP which is the only real breakfast place in town. I ordered off the seniors menu and my husband was appalled. I said "why not?". He thought about it for a bit and agreed. I remember when he got his AARP notice in the mail and was shocked. He said "me?" I think it's just the idea of being tagged as being a "senior". Most of us think we are still 17yrs old and unfortunately some of us continue to behave in that manner.

It is daylight here now and it's almost 6AM MOUNTAIN time.
There is still no activity from the rooms as I have a great view of the hotel from where I'm sitting in front of a glass wall. I can hear a little traffic whooshing by on the highway. The employees are beginning to arrive for their day of work. A new day is beginning.

I'm going to enjoy walking here. It's not a big town but a small mountain town and easy to navigate. I'll have to get my knee a bit more extended and the walking will be a benefit.

We planned on driving to Durango today and hanging out for a while. It's over 100 miles there so I don't know if that is still in our plans for today. I wouldn't mind finding a mountain road and do some off road driving. I would love to raft the river here but I know hubby won't go for that at all. It probably wouldn't be a good idea for me also; my knee doesn't flex enough for the bouncing around and jolting it would experience although this isn't the Snake River here. I don't think the rapids are anything to scream about. The Snake River or the Colorado River have always been my first choice of white water rafting and the spring is the best time with all the mountain run off. Maybe someday.

Oh my! I'm rambling. It must be time for me to sign off before I ramble some where I don't want to be.
Later all!

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  1. Hi Sis, so you are in Colorado. Fidel got called out to work. Those pictues were great. And I am glad you went to get out of the house. So your knee is doing great. How's the weather their? Ok, got to run so have a wonderful time.


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