Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lobby Time

Well here I am in the lobby of the Best Western. Hubby is still in bed so when I awake I try to disappear out of the room for a few hours while he sleeps in. That's the worst part about us traveling together. He sleeps in and I get up early so I have to leave the room for a while. We usually try to stay in a place with a breakfast bar or a cafe close by the hotel.

They do have a big breakfast bar down here and lots of coffee. I'm on my first cup of coffee now. I sure miss a cigarette. I think this is the first time I've been down to a breakfast bar in a hotel and didn't have a cigarette outside later. Every time I do something that I used to do when I was smoking, it triggers the urge to have a smoke. After a few times of being in a hotel and in the lobby for breakfast without anticipating smoking, I won't get that trigger any more. Of course we do have a smoking room and hubby when he lights up, grins and points his cigarette at me as if to say "I'm allowed to smoke indoors here." At this time, I have to say I have not banned him smoking in our house. Before I quit, we both decided to not smoke inside any longer. After I quit, he wanted to keep with the "smoke outside only" rule. On bad weather days, I have encouraged him to light up inside but he refuses. Although I do think he might have a cigarette if he decides to soak in a hot tub of water. I've seen that little ashtray in there tucked away between the wash clothes.

Yesterday when I sat down at the slot machine, I immediately looked for an ashtray that usually sits on the base of the slot machine for your use. Another trigger that will pass.

I sat and watched the players yesterday and was amazed at how many smokers there were yet the casino didn't smell like smoke. They must have a hell of a ventilation system in there. I watched as classy looking ladies with jewels on every finger, makeup perfect and hair coiffed light up that cigarette. Well dressed women with their cigarettes held so ladylike. I didn't think they looked disgusting at all. I thought they looked very comfortable. I wondered at that time if that is how I appeared when I lit up?
Society makes you feel as though you are a leper and I was getting self conscious when I whipped out my pack of cigs and had myself a nice one.

I just find it hard to believe you can belly up to the bar and drink yourself unconscious and as long as you have a driver to take you home, that is acceptable.

I have never fallen down, vomited, and peed myself from smoking. I have never lost my car in the parking lot from a puff on a cigarette. I have never lost control of my temper or had a crying jag from smoking a cigarette. I have never woke up in the bed of a stranger from a Marlboro. I'm not admitting to ANY of the previous statements as things that have happened to me, I'm just sayin..... I truly don't see the problem here folks with that little smoke.

OH MY! I might be fiending right now. That's what my friend calls it when she obsesses about her drug of choice. Maybe it's time for me to step away from this blog, grab a cup of coffee here in the lobby and do a couple of laps around the building.

This blog started out as a letter to my friend Ms. K. After a few minutes of typing, I realized I could make it a blog and she could read it here and at the same time it would satisfy my obsession to blog something every day. So, here it is and a good morning to you Ms. K!

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  1. I have heard that many of the "triggers" never go away. My doctor told me her father hadn't smoked in over 25 years. While visiting the old "home town" he took her to the place where he once worked. As they walked out of the business, headed for their car, he reached in his pocket for a cigarette as he had done while working there.


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