Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday in the Rockies

More pics from yesterday. Red River Pass and on the other side of this pass is Silver City and then on to Durango which we never made. Another way to Durango is through Lizard Pass. I don't know if we will make it through that one either
The following pic is of an old hotel that was considered the ritziest hotel during the gold and silver days of Colorado.

It's wet here. A slight misty rain is failing and the temperatures remain in the high '50's. Perfect!
I don't know why I couldn't have been "from" here or somewhere in the Rockies. This feels like home and I would love to live here. I might change my mind if I were here during the winter and trying to drive on these roads.
I went down to the breakfast room this morning for what else but breakfast and lots of coffee. While talking to the young lady that takes care of the breakfast crowd I discovered that a two bedroom apartment rents for 400.00 a month plus utilities. I'm wondering if I could convince hubby to rent an apartment during the summer months and spend the summers here in the mountains instead of the humid hot summers in Louisiana. It sounds like a great idea to me.
We don't have anything planned for today. I'm going to suggest we go to Telluride. To go on to Durango, we will have to cross Lizard Pass. I've been told by the waitress in the coffee shop that it wasn't as bad as Red River Mountain that we tried to cross yesterday. Then she proceeded to tell me that some friends of hers and their parents rolled their vehicle off the mountain. She said it stopped part way down the mountain and they were just cut and bruised but survived. How cute. A nice story to hear. I may never get to Durango. On one side of Durango is Red River Mountain and the other is Lizard Pass.
Durango must totally be unattainable in the winter months. I was told the passes were left open unless a big blizzard blew in then the roads were closed until they could be plowed. Those passes scare me in the summer. I can't imagine me being crazy enough to want to cross in the winter.
I'm outta here to discover what the day has planned for us. We just wing it and see where winging it takes us.

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